Rethink... For A Change

Transformed Living Through Transformed Thinking

Rethink.. For A ChangeDr. Rick Roepke has published his very first book! Where does anxiety come from? Where do bad behaviors start? Why does fear take over? We might say these things come from our jobs, financial circumstances, or challenging people.

All of these things can be stressful, but they are not the cause of stress, anxiety, and fear. So, what is? Our thoughts are the cause. But, if you can change your thinking, you can transform your life!

"Rethink... For A Change" is now available to order!




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Depression Isn't An Identity - Dr. Rick Roepke's Interview On Christian Family Radio:



"What impresses me the most about Rick is his depth of knowledge in all different aspects of leadership, counseling, and human behavior. His fresh perspective, warm sense of humor, and caring attitude has made a significant impact on my leadership growth and ability to build teams. I have had excellent results in growing my company thanks to Rick’s expertise."

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