Recipe For Ruining Your Day

(Without Really Trying)

1. I will plan to do twice as much as I can actually accomplish – over scheduling is the easiest way to drive yourself crazy!
2. I will be inflexible – demanding everyone do things my way is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure;
3. I will demand perfection in myself and others – that way I have earned the right to be miserable when something goes wrong;
4. I will worry about anything and everything – even those things over which I have no control;
5. I will take everything as a personal attack – I figure that any mistake was aimed at me;
6. I will leave my sense humor at home – I will treat everything, no matter how minor, as a matter of life – or – death;
7. I will avoid doing what I know needs to be done – procrastination is a great ingredient for producing guilt;
8. I will tell myself that there is absolutely nothing I can do about the anger, anxiety, unhappiness, or depression I am experiencing – my feelings or caused by what happens to me;
9. I will tell myself that I have to please everyone – it is a necessary to be approved in love by everyone;
10. I will assume everything and my actions will be based off of those assumptions – not knowing that the majority of assumptions are false-faulty assumptions equals faulty behavior;
11. I will live in the past or in the future, forgetting about today;
12. I will not keep my word pure – gossip, lies, and sarcasm will be served on my daily menu;
13. I will take God out of my day – things will be done my way, not His;

Blend ingredients thoroughly. Bake on high for 24 hours, waking throughout the night to stir up ingredients. Let simmer for a few hours or days. Serve dish hot and be miserable!

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